The University of Udine awards a PhD scholarship financed by VIVE

The winner is Angelica Cantarutti with a research project on the museum exhibition layouts of Palazzo Venezia in the 20th century

A young scholar, Angelica Cantarutti is the winner of the scholarship funded by the Vittoriano-Palazzo Venezia Institute, directed by Edith Gabrielli, for the 38th cycle of the Doctorate in History of Art, Cinema, Audiovisual Media and Music of the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the University of Udine. The project presented by Angelica Cantarutti entitled "Museum and Exhibition layouts of Palazzo Venezia in Rome in the 20th Century" deals with the events of Palazzo Venezia during the 20th century, in particular from 1916, when the Italian government issued a requisition decree on the building that had until then been the seat of the Austro-Hungarian embassy to the Vatican, and the early 1980s, at the beginning of a new exhibition season inaugurated by the one dedicated to Garibaldi.

Angelica Cantarutti graduated from the University of Udine with a thesis on the Italian Auschwitz Memorial, reconstructing the painful events of its relocation and developing a project to digitise and enhance the documentation.

This is the concrete implementation of a new model of the cultural network, promoted by director Edith Gabrielli, to promote cooperation between institutions for training, research, protection, and enhancement of the artistic and architectural heritage.