Research for the enhancement of the historical-artistic heritage of the VIVE Institute

Funded a scholarship to support the PhD in History, Territory and Cultural Heritage at the University of Roma Tre

The VIVE follows its collaboration activities with Italian universities as part of a new model of cultural network promoted by the Vittoriano Institute and Palazzo Venezia, directed by Edith Gabrielli, with the aim of cooperation between organisations for the study, the research, the preservation, and the valorisation of the artistic and architectural heritage.

In this perspective, the VIVE financed a scholarship for the PhD in History, Territory and Cultural Heritage launched by the University of Roma Tre for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The project wants to promote art history research on the heritage of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia Institute, on the works of art preserved in its Museum and on the decorations of Palazzo Venezia and the Vittoriano, with particular reference to the medieval and modern works of art preserved in the Palazzo Venezia Museum, the history of the collections from the 15th to the 20th century, the historical-artistic events relating to the commissioning and collecting activities of popes, cardinals and ambassadors who inhabited the Palace over the centuries, and the decoration of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II.


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