A new model of cultural welfare

From 7 July, the VIVE proposes a series of initiatives to enhance integration between employees and the workplace.

The VIVE Institute, directed by Edith Gabrielli, with the aim to constantly improving the quality of interpersonal dynamics and general wellbeing within the working environment, from 7 July proposes a series of initiatives and services to enhance the integration between work and family life.

This is a cultural welfare offer, curated by the VIVE educational team, which will involve employees and their families through different ways of interacting with the Institute's architectural, historical and artistic heritage through animated visits, conversations on art, in-depth studies and workshops.

Each proposal stems from the idea that taking part in a cultural experience is not only a way of taking care of oneself, but also an important opportunity to overturn the usual perspectives within one's own work environment, generating creative moments and increasing the wellbeing of everyone.

All the meetings are free of charge and start in the garden of Palazzo Venezia with compulsory booking by e-mail to vi-ve.edu@cultura.gov.it


VIVE with the family

An animated visit between the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia.

There are places we walk through every day so many times that at some point we stop observing them. Corridors, halls, lifts, stairs, gardens: routes that lead us to work, that engage our thoughts and that we share with colleagues.

But what would happen if we looked at them, so to speak, 'from the outside'? If we shared them with our families - parents, children, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and grandchildren?

So many itineraries that transport us out of the everyday and out of the ordinary. An ascent of the Vittoriano, discovering the artistic and architectural models that inspired the monument, but also the filmmakers who turned it into a cinema venue. A theatrical visit to the “Rediscovered Garden” of Palazzo Venezia. A walk between the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, through the images of films, newsreels, paintings by great artists and our collective imagination. Several tours inside Palazzo Venezia: in the monumental rooms, to reconstruct its history and the vicissitudes of its inhabitants and illustrious guests, and in the Museum, to discover a collection of art objects from all over the world.

Each visit is accompanied by short creative activities, on special graphic media, which visitors can take away with them as a souvenir of the experience.

DURATION: The animated family visits last 90 minutes
WHEN: 7 and 21 July at 5 p.m.

Art Pills
A 30-minute break in contact with art.

Rediscover a new corner of Palazzo Venezia every day: during the lunch break or coffee break, short appointments designed to enhance the relationship with the workplace, as well as to open new spaces and dynamics of relationships between colleagues.
A room in the museum, a work of art, a corner of the garden, a monumental hall: aimed at the discovery of stories, curiosities and anecdotes that make us travel through time and space.
“Propose the next pill” - remote digital interaction: individuals or groups will be free to propose a place or an object whose history they wish to learn about.

DURATION: The art pills last 30 minutes
WHEN: 13 and 27 July at 1.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m.

VIVE child-friendly
Workshops at Palazzo Venezia and the Vittoriano

“Will you take me to work with you?”: it happens that children ask, out of curiosity and for the pleasure of sharing. At the same time, it is not always easy to reconcile their needs with the working world.
So, here is a cultural proposal that considers the desires and well-being of everyone, children and adults: different artistic workshops, conducted in special spaces by specialised museum educators, to introduce the heritage of VIVE in a creative and participatory manner.
Following the “hands on” methodology, it will be possible to familiarise oneself with the collections of the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, with the Central Museum of the Risorgimento and with the places that host them, while stimulating an immediate critical re-elaboration of the contents, through painting activities, material manipulation and imaginative and creative writing.

DURATION: The workshops for children last 120 minutes
WHEN: 13 and 27 July at 5 p.m.