On June 5, free admission and free guided tours to the VIVE Institute

Free entrance on the first Sunday of the month is back to offer new visiting experiences to discover the treasures of Palazzo Venezia

On June 5, the appointment on the first Sunday of the month with free admission is back, offered by the Ministry of Culture. All visitors will thus have a new opportunity to get to know the spaces of the VIVE Institute – the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, one of the most representative museum complexes in Italy: from the Vittoriano to the Panoramic Terrace, from the Central Museum of the Risorgimento to the National Museum of Palazzo di Venezia and in its large garden.

Admission to the individual monuments is free, without reservation.

Furthermore, starting from June, every first Sunday of the month, the VIVE Institute will introduce a series of tours, different from month to month, to let visitors admire new works and unpublished aspects of the enormous collections that the museum of Palazzo Venezia contains. Each cycle includes 4 different tours, half an hour each, focused on three most significant artworks. This invitation is aimed to make the public come back every month, taking advantage of the free Sundays, to discover new treasures of the VIVE Institute.

Sunday June 5, from 10 am to 6:15 pm, will be the turn of the cycle “3/30. Three Works in 30 minutes” – a journey through the centuries and through time, a journey through the museum's collections of sculptures and paintings. From the spiritually charged atmosphere of the Middle Ages evoked by the Madonna di Acuto, to the revolution of light and color of the Renaissance of which Giorgione's Double Portrait is a profound expression; from the multifaceted creativity of two masters of the Roman Baroque, Bernini and Algardi, evidenced by their terracotta sketches, to the elegant refinement of European eighteenth-century art, which is reflected in the delicate pastels as well as in the fragile porcelain.

By great demand, on June 5, the appointment with the special workshop “Openair painting in the Rediscovered Garden” is back with the VIVE family tour in English, dedicated to tourists and citizens of Rome who wish to practice English in a fun way, discovering art, history and culture of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia.

Reservations are recommended.

All the details on the individual appointments are available on the “Exhibitions and Events” page.